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Dallas Pool Cleaning Service

One Time POol Cleaning service

Request a one-time pool cleaning service for an immaculate pool in just one visit. Enjoy a swift and thorough transformation of your swimming pool with this one-time service that includes brushing, vacuuming, water chemistry adjustments, equipment inspection, and more. 

What to expect from
one-time pool cleaning Service

One-Time Pool Cleaning Service for Dallas Residents


Test and adjust the water chemistry via water sample collection, pH testing and alkalinity testing.


Comprehensive Pool Cleaning:

  • Brush the walls, tiles and steps 

  • Vacuum or leaf master the pool 

  • Empty the traps and skimmers

  • Empty the pump basket 


Check the equipment for visible problems. We inspect the pool's shell or liner for any visible damage or tears that could be causing leaks.


Inspect system for leaks: visual inspection, equipment check, pressure test, pool structure. 

Adjust pool timer.

Check robotic cleaner operation.

Benefits of our one-time pool cleaning Package:


Spotless Clean


A one-time comprehensive pool cleaning service ensures a spotless pool. By brushing the walls, tiles, and steps, and vacuuming or leaf mastering the pool, all dirt, debris, and leaves are effectively removed, leaving the pool looking fresh and inviting.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 4.04.52 PM.png


Water Chemistry

Testing and adjusting the water chemistry during the one-time cleaning service ensures that the pool water is perfectly balanced. Proper pH and alkalinity levels promote a safe and comfortable swimming experience, preventing skin and eye irritation and avoiding damage to pool equipment.


Enhanced Equipment Performance

We inspect the system for leaks, check the equipment's functionality, and ensure the robotic cleaner operates correctly. Addressing leaks and potential issues promptly ensures that the pool equipment operates efficiently, prolonging its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. 

Service Area

Full Service Pool Cleaning Service for Dallas Metro Area






Melissa W.

Google Review

Great! They came to the rescue! Our pool water turned green and our filter was jacked when we got back from vacation. They showed up the next day and water was sparkling 48 hours later.

Sahana S.

Google Review

Alex was very responsive and kept up his time commitments in completing the pool repair needs. He was easy to work with and reasonable in his charges for the work.

Amit D.

Google Review

One of the best in the area, Alex is very much responsive and attention to detail, highly recommend this pool cleaning and maintenance business. thank you Alex for all the hard-work and quality work.

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