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Dallas Pool Cleaning Service

extra pool services

We offer a range of specialized one-time services to elevate the beauty and functionality of your swimming pool. Our "Extra Services" provide flexible options that you can request as needed. Whether you want to rejuvenate your pool's appearance or optimize its performance, our expert technicians are here to help.

Explore our selection of pool cleaning service add-ons below:

Pool Cleaning Service for Dallas Residents


Acid Washing

Revitalize your pool's surfaces with our professional acid washing service. It effectively removes stubborn stains, scale, and mineral deposits, giving your pool a fresh and renewed look.


Algae Treatment

Banish algae from your pool with our targeted treatment. Our experts will identify and treat algae, preventing it from spreading and ensuring crystal-clear water.



Protect and maintain your pool deck with our Deck-O-Seal application. This durable sealant helps prevent cracks and ensures a beautiful, long-lasting deck.


Drain the Pool

For situations that require a complete water change, we offer safe and efficient pool draining services. Trust us to handle this critical task with care.


Filter Cleaning/Repair

Keep your pool water pristine with our filter cleaning and repair service. Our technicians will ensure your filter is in optimal condition for efficient filtration.


New Plaster Start-Up

If you've recently plastered your pool, our specialized start-up service ensures the plaster cures correctly, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its appearance.


Pool Replaster

Transform your pool's look and feel with our pool replastering service. Choose from a variety of finishes to create the perfect ambiance.


Power Washing

Cleanse and brighten your pool area with our power washing service. We remove dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your pool surroundings refreshed.


Salt Cell Cleaning

Maximize the efficiency of your saltwater pool with our salt cell cleaning service. We remove scale and buildup, ensuring optimal chlorine production.


Salt Cell System Installation

Upgrade to a saltwater system for easier maintenance and a more enjoyable swim. Our experts will install this innovative system seamlessly.


Tile Calcium Removal

Say goodbye to unsightly calcium deposits on your pool tiles. Our specialized treatment restores the brilliance of your tiles.


Tile Repair

Our skilled team can fix cracked or damaged pool tiles, revitalizing the pool's appearance and preventing further issues.

Service Area

Full Service Pool Cleaning Service for Dallas Metro Area






Lisa B.

Google Review

Fantastic service. Not only does this Company understand how to service a pool, whether it be salt or chlorine, but the customer service is five star.
The owner is accessible, accountable and knowledgeable. Communication also appears to be an integral part of the company culture.

Edwin S.

Google Review

These guys provide great pool service. They are very responsive, great service even during this busy season.
Services: Filter cleaning, Tile brushing, Water treatment, Netting, Vacuuming, Wall brushing, Swimming pool summerization, Winterization, Leaf traps

Sahana S.

Google Review

Alex was very responsive and kept up his time commitments in completing the pool repair needs. He was easy to work with and reasonable in his charges for the work.

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