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Dallas Pool Cleaning Service

Chemicals only Service

Our Chemicals Only Pool Service is designed to offer regular inspection and chemical maintenance to ensure your pool remains in optimal condition. Our comprehensive package is designed to keep your pool water in optimal condition, ensuring you can enjoy a refreshing and worry-free swimming experience.

What to expect from
chemicals only pool Service

Chemicals Only Pool Cleaning Service for Dallas Residents


Test and adjust the water chemistry via water sample collection, pH testing and alkalinity testing.


Backwash sand and D.E. filters as needed (once a month for D.E filters). Our pool crew will perform the process of backwashing on both sand and D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) filters.


Check the equipment for visible problems. We inspect the pool's shell or liner for any visible damage or tears that could be causing leaks.


Inspect system for leaks: visual inspection, equipment check, pressure test, pool structure

Benefits of our Chemicals Only Package:

With our Chemicals Only package, you can leave the water chemistry and filtration maintenance to our capable hands.

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Timely Runtime Settings

Pool requirements vary throughout the year. Our team will adjust the pool pump's runtime settings according to the seasonal demands, optimizing energy efficiency and pool maintenance.

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Professional Filtration 

A clean and efficient filtration system is crucial for maintaining clear water. With our service, we'll backwash sand and D.E. filters as needed (monthly for D.E. filters), removing debris and maximizing filtration efficiency.


Equipment Inspection

Our diligent team will inspect your pool equipment for any visible problems and ensure that everything operates smoothly. Additionally, we'll inspect the system for leaks, addressing any issues promptly to prevent water wastage.

Service Area

Full Service Pool Cleaning Service for Dallas Metro Area






Melanie H.

Google Review

I reached out to Alex at Waterfalls Pool Services to help with a check valve replacement and cleaning of fine sediment from my pool. Alex went above and beyond to help get my pool looking great along with passing along great advice for pool care. Very professional service. I will depending on Waterfalls Pool Services for any future issues.

Monica T.

Google Review

I super recommend Waterfalls Pool Service! Alex is an amazing human being and super professional. My pool light stopped working and I contacted Alex via phone. He promptly answered my call. He asked me a few questions to try to narrow down the problem. And Boom! Fixed! He is so knowledgeable and honest!! I am looking forward to hire him for more services in the near future!

Ruth R.

Google Review

I have been using Waterfalls pool service for many years and I have nothing but great things to say about Alex and his employees. The service is great but what is even more important to me is that I trust Alex. We all know when you own a pool things happen that require special attention and I know I can turn to Alex who has the knowledge to handle every situation that has come up. I highly recommend Waterfalls Pool Service

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